Tapping into new talent pools is a top priority for BC businesses

with the province poised to be among Canada’s leaders in economic growth in the coming decade. Baby boomers are retiring, fewer young people are entering the workforce, and yet our demand for skilled workers across all industries and professions continues to grow.

Today, many companies find themselves confronting an unprecedented labour shortage — affecting their capacity, their growth, and hindering their competitiveness.

The most successful companies have started developing strategies for engaging non-traditional skilled talent pools including aboriginal communities, candidates with disabilities, recent immigrants, women, youth and older workers, and more.

“As a growing business, finding talent is key to the success of our business, and far more importantly, the satisfaction of our customers. This is something we’re committed to at Fresh Start and it’s an absolutely integral part of our success.”

Thomas Goodall

President , Fresh Start Recycling & Disposal Ltd.


Total Openings

Due to Replacement


Due to Economic Growth



Total Supply

New Entrants


Net in-migration


Increased labour force participation


Elements of UnTapped 


UnTapped facilitates numerous events throughout the year from a Gala, to power breakfasts, to workshops all of which looks at how to access untapped and skilled candidate pools that have not traditionally been targeted. Join us for topical discussions of common recruitment challenges and uncommon solutions, led by forerunners in their fields.


Attended by over 450 delegates including government stakeholders, and employers both big and small, UnTapped is an unparalleled opportunity to learn and discuss uncommon recruitment and engagement strategies with leaders both in and out of your sector at a variety of events including our working breakfasts and UnTapped Awards Gala.


UnTapped kicks off this year’s program with the UnTapped Awards Gala.  A night where we celebrate those champions who have worked hard to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.  Join us for dinner, drinks, entertainment and more as we kick off another thought-provoking UnTapped program.

Over five days, UnTapped 2017 will bring together 400+ BC business leaders in Vancouver and Kamloops for topical discussions of common recruitment challenges and uncommon solutions led by forerunners in their fields.

UnTapped Awards Gala

May 10 ’17 | Sheraton Wall Centre | Vancouver

UnTapped Breakfast

September 14 ’17 | Hawksworth | Vancouver

UnTapped Tech Breakfast

June 22 ’17 | Hawksworth | Vancouver

UnTapped Breakfast

Jan 25 ’18 | Hawksworth | Vancouver

Find out how business leaders in all sectors are recruiting and retaining skilled talent, and positioning this addition to their workforce to better reflect the customers that they serve while meeting their growing workforce needs.

The UnTapped Series

Five days. Five unmatchable events. Find out how business forerunners in all sectors are recruiting and retaining skilled talent — from among aboriginal communities, candidates with disabilities, recent immigrants, women, youth, older workers, and more — to meet their growing workforce needs.


Contact Us



UnTapped — Open Door Group
#300 – 30 East 6th Avenue
Vancouver, BC     V5T 1J4

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