About Open Door Group

Beginning in 1976, Open Door Group is now one of BC’s largest not-for-profit providers of employment services. Open Door Group has helped BC employers in both urban and rural communities connect with skilled candidates, many who come from non-traditional talent pools. Serving over millions unique job seekers per year and working with more than 8,000 of employers across the province, Open Door Group sees UnTapped as the premier platform to advance dialogue and transfer knowledge among organizations committed to progressive development through diverse, inclusive and productive workforces.

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About The Presidents Group

The Presidents Group is the official 2020/2021 Co-Presenter of UnTapped. Presidents Group is a network of 25 change-driven BC business leaders who are champions for more accessible, inclusive workplaces. Representing businesses of all different sizes and sectors, the organizations employ over 60,000 people in BC. The group also plays an advisory role to BC’s Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction. The Group’s vision is to make British Columbia the province in Canada with the best employment for people with disabilities.

In 2018, the Presidents Group launched an online Community of Accessible Employers to invite employers and business owners around the province to join the inclusive employment movement.

Learn more at accessibleemployers.ca


About BC Partners in Workforce Innovation 

BC Partners in Workforce Innovation (BC WiN) is innovative recruitment approach helping BC employers meet workforce needs and connecting people with disabilities/diverse abilities to employment. BC WiN recruits for employers who are intentional about their inclusive hiring commitments. Starting with job openings, we reach out to a network of supportive employment service agencies to source candidates on behalf of employers. Since 2015, BC WiN has helped BC employers to develop effective inclusive hiring and retention strategies, hire diverse talent through job matching services, build capacity within organizations to be more inclusive through training, connect people to well-paying, long term career opportunities, research, identify, and share inclusive employment best practices. 

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We respectfully acknowledge the work of Open Door Group & Untapped Awards takes place across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario — the homelands of over 500 distinct Indigenous nations and cultures. We extend thanks, honour, and respect to our hosts for stewarding these lands since time immemorial.