Top 5 Reasons to Nominate: BC Workplace Inclusion Awards

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“The demand for qualified, motivated employees around the world greatly exceeds supply. One of the reasons is that employers have traditionally over-looked workers that do not fit easily into one-size-fits-all mold.” – Randy Lewis, Senior Vice President, Walgreens

Lewis may be right, but today there are many great businesses and advocates in BC leading the way for change. There are businesses who are opening their doors and hiring talented women, youth, older workers, aboriginal peoples, new immigrants, or people with diverse abilities. There are individuals who devote their time to creating workplaces where everyone’s voice is equally heard. Change is happening across industries and across the province. Help us recognize these unsung heroes by submitting a nomination for the BC Workplace Inclusion Award today.

The BC Workplace Inclusion Awards recognize the outstanding achievements of BC employers and individuals who champion workplace inclusion. From large businesses to non-profit organizations, from managers to frontline staff, the BC Workplace Inclusion Awards honour those who have demonstrated a commitment to fostering diversity at work at all levels of the labour market.

Today we bring you the top 5 reasons to self-nominate. Next week, 5 reasons to nominate a colleague, partner or competitor:

1. If not you, then who? Ask yourself: What if the world is waiting for a great idea or strategy that only you can offer? You’re the best storyteller for your own experiences. While being recommended by someone else is an honor and carries the same weight as self-nomination, nominating yourself gives you an opportunity to share your unique, authentic and nuanced perspective.

2. Build awareness for the issue you’re most passionate about. Do you ever wish that the issue you care about filled more headlines? As a nominee for the BC Workplace Inclusion Awards, your story of change will be heard — on stage at the annual UnTapped Gala, online at, and through social media posts and emails. Moreover, your story will become a call to action for people inside and outside of the UnTapped community inspiring others to commit their time and effort toward making the world of work more diverse and inclusive.

3. Engage and Celebrate. We know that these initiatives and awards are the result of a team effort. Being a nominee gives you the opportunity to engage and celebrate with the dedicated people that have helped you get to where you are today. Through your nomination and participation at the UnTapped Awards Gala, this is your opportunity to recognize the great work your team has done for workplace inclusion.

4. More than ‘just a plaque.’ The prospect of receiving the BC Workplace Inclusion Award not only provides you with the opportunity to inspire others and celebrate with your team, but also gives you the chance to promote your business and organization. Look at your organization’s current goals and think about what you’d be able to accomplish with some free promotion and media exposure.

5. Diversify the landscape: Think about it — are voices like yours being adequately recognized for what you’re doing in your community? If you ever feel like an unsung hero whose ideas around employment and engagement have yet to receive the right platform to make the biggest impact, share your powerful story around diverse and inclusive employment. What’s more, if you win, your audacity and ambition will serve as an inspiring model to future nominees.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to own your expertise and consider the impact your unique ideas could have on employment in British Columbia. Nominate yourself for the BC Workplace Inclusion Awards now.
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