BC Workplace Inclusion Awards

 Recognizing BC employers and individuals who are leading the way in workplace inclusion.


Nominations for the UnTapped 2022 BC Workplace Inclusion Awards is now open! The Nomination form will remain open until 4:00 pm on August 21, 2022.

We are thrilled to let you know that Open Door Group signature event, in partnership with Presidents Group and BCWiN: UnTapped Awards 2022 is back in-person this year!

UnTapped BC Workplace Inclusion Awards is an annual event that celebrates BC Businesses and individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to fostering accessible and inclusive workplaces. Our Nominations are open from June 15- August 21, 2022. The Awards event will take place on September 28,2022 from 11:00 am-2:30 pm PST at PARQ Vancouver, our Untapped 2022 official venue sponsor.

Are you or someone you know a diversity champion?  If so, nominate them or yourself for the BC Workplace Inclusion Awards in one of our many categories:

  • Individual or Leadership
  • BC Small Business (1-99 employees)
  • BC Medium & Large -Sized Business (100+ employees)
  • Non-Profit Organization & Public Sector
  • Social Enterprise

We also encourage self-nominations!


Award nominees must be:
– An individual who lives and/or works in BC or
– An employer that operates in BC
– Award nominees may be self-nominated, or nominated by another individual. Employers of all sizes are encouraged to
apply, whether private sector, public sector, or non-profit.
– Satisfy each of the nomination criteria for the selected award category
– Consent to the nomination and the publication of their name and photo (if needed)
– Agree to be contacted by the Untapped Awards Selection Committee for additional information, or clarification


Nominations will be reviewed and scored by an independent Untapped Awards Selection Committee. The Committee includes private and public sector representatives who themselves have demonstrated leadership and excellence in championing workplace inclusion. Please note that only completed applications will be accepted. Applicants who submit their applications after the submission deadline will not be considered. The Committee reserves the right to withhold, reassign or revoke an award in any category at its discretion. The Committee and Open Door Group reserves the right to revoke an award at its discretion should an incumbent recipient demonstrate a material conflict with the mission, vision, and ethics of the Untapped Awards and Open Door Group.



There are 5 categories that you can choose from to submit a nomination for:

1) INCLUSION CHAMPION – Individual Inclusion Champion (Individual or Leadership)
Behind every program or initiative, is an inclusion champion leading the way. We recognize that even large efforts start with a single person who makes inclusion a priority and dedicates their time and effort to putting that cause front and centre. Award winners are people who have made a name for themselves professionally as someone who rallies, educates, and exemplifies the ideals that an equitable, accessible and inclusive workplace is a strong workplace. When selecting a winner, testimonials from coworkers and a history of public commitment to accessibility in the workplace and disability inclusion are important factors, in addition to specific examples.

Small BC Business (1-99 employers)
Accounting for 98% of businesses in BC, the majority of small businesses have less than 20 employees. Robust human resources programs are often not a reality, yet many small businesses impact lives through inclusive values. The Small BC Business Category recognizes business that have demonstrated a commitment to fostering an equitable and inclusive workplace. These companies exemplify that no matter of size, a team made up of many different strengths is smart business sense. Both workplace atmosphere and employee impact are important factors, in addition to specific examples of tapping into the talent pool of people with diverse abilities.  

Eligibility:  Nominees must in be operation within BC, and have a maximum of 99 employees.

3) INCLUSIVE CULTURE CHAMPION – Medium/ Large Business
Medium/Large BC Business (more than 100 employees)
From policies and procedures to diversity initiatives, Medium and Large Business Champions demonstrate a commitment to identifying and employing diverse individuals and engaging them in an inclusive workplace. Large Business Champions invest in their team. They look beyond traditional recruitment and retention strategies in order to support the development of their staff, while maintaining a strong bottom line. Their actions support the belief that an equitable, accessible and inclusive workplace is a strong workplace.

Eligibility:  Nominees must in be operation within BC and have more than 100 employees.

4) INCLUSIVE CULTURE CHAMPION – Non-Profit & Public Sector
With approximately 26,000 non-profit organizations in BC, this sector employs more than 120,000 British Colombians. The work of NPOs has significant impact on communities across the province. The Non-Profit Organization category recognizes those organization that beyond a mission to serve the community, as an employer, they walk the talk in demonstrating equity, accessibility and inclusion to their own workplace.

Inclusion within the Public Sector’s workforce is essential to serving a diverse public. Public Sector inclusive culture champions include government ministries, municipalities, townships, districts, post-secondary institutions, local health authorities and emergency service providers. These workplaces have clear goals and easily identifiable reporting metrics when it comes to inclusion in the workplace. They introduce innovative ways of engaging people with disabilities within their community.

Eligibility:  Nominees must be registered as a non-profit organization or be in the public sector.

A social enterprise is a business that trades to create positive social impact, be it social, cultural, community economic and/or environmental outcomes. The business has a clear sense of its ‘social mission’, which is publicly identified. Nominees in this category demonstrate an inclusive workforce, tapping into the strengths of people with diverse abilities.  

Eligibility: Nominees must operate in BC, and have an embedded mission to achieve social, cultural or environmental aims through the sale of goods and services.

Untapped 2022 Nomination are Now Closed- See you soon for Untapped 2023!

We respectfully acknowledge the work of Open Door Group & Untapped Awards takes place across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario — the homelands of over 500 distinct Indigenous nations and cultures. We extend thanks, honour, and respect to our hosts for stewarding these lands since time immemorial.