Untapped 2023 award recipients

About Untapped Awards

The Untapped Workplace Inclusion Awards celebrate and acknowledge the remarkable accomplishments of British Columbia employers and individuals who are moving the dial in promoting cultural diversity, accessibility, and disability inclusion in the workplace. As the awareness around the value of inclusivity continues to grow, an increasing number of businesses are recognizing the untapped potential of diverse talent and embracing it as a vital aspect of their overall business strategy.

From large businesses to non-profit organizations, from managers to frontline staff, the Untapped Workplace Inclusion Awards honour those who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to fostering accessible, inclusive, and diverse workplaces. Their commitment serves as an inspiration to others and helps cultivate an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered.

Untapped Workplace Inclusion Awards

The submission period for the Untapped Workplace Inclusion Awards nomination form has officially ended. We’re excited to announce that nominations will reopen in the summer of 2024!


  • An individual who lives and/or works in B.C or
  • An employer that operates in B.C
  • Award nominees may be self-nominated, or nominated by another individual
  • Satisfy each of the nomination criteria for the selected award category
  • Consent to the nomination and the publication of their name and photo (if needed)
  • Agree to be contacted by the Untapped Awards Selection Committee for additional information, or clarification  


Nominations will be reviewed and scored by an independent Untapped Awards Selection Committee. The Committee includes private and public sector representatives who themselves have demonstrated leadership and excellence in championing cultural diversity, accessibility and disability inclusion in the workplace.

Please note that only completed applications will be accepted. Applicants who submit their applications after September 11th, 2023 will not be considered. The Committee reserves the right to withhold, reassign or revoke an award in any category at its discretion should an incumbent recipient demonstrate a material conflict with the mission, vision, and ethics of the Untapped Awards and our organizers: Open Door Group, Presidents Group, and CanadianPartners in Workforce Innovation (CAN WiN). 

Nomination form must be completed and submitted online before September 11th, 2023 for consideration. You can only choose one award category for each submission.  

Please note that your work cannot be saved in the online form. To make nominations easier, recommend to type your answer in Word document. Once it is completed, you can then copy and paste your answers into this form and click submit. Should you wish to edit or add additional information to your application after submission, you can have it done online or connect with us at info@opendoorgroup.org for assistance.



There are 5 categories that you can choose from to submit a nomination for:

1) INDIVIDUAL INCLUSION CHAMPION (Individual or Leadership)

We know significant change begins with a single, motivated person. Have you made inclusion a priority in your workplace, and dedicated your time and effort into making it happen? Do you constantly strive to create an equitable, accessible, and inclusive work environment? Please remember to include specific examples of your commitment to accessibility in your application, as well as testimonials from co-workers.

Small Business (1-99 employers)

You may be small, but your inclusion impact is mighty! Whether you have one employee or 99, if you’re an inclusive small business in BC, then this category is for you! We want to hear all the ways you as a small business go above and beyond to foster an equitable and inclusive workplace. Please include specific examples of how you tapped into this talent pool of people with diverse abilities, and the impact this has had on your business.

Eligibility: Nominees must in be operation within BC, and have a maximum of 99 employees.

3) INCLUSIVE CULTURE CHAMPION – Medium/ Large Business
Medium/Large Business (more than 100 employees)

Are you a medium/large business with 100 employees or more? Do you demonstrate a commitment to identifying and employing diverse individuals, and creating the environment and infrastructure necessary for them to thrive? Tell us about the investments you’ve made to create a more equitable, accessible, and inclusive workplace, and tell us how that has benefitted both your organization, as well as your bottom line.

Eligibility: Nominees must in be operation within BC, and have a minimum of 100 employees or more. 

4) INCLUSIVE CULTURE CHAMPION – Non-Profit & Public Sector

Inclusion within the Non-Profit and Public Sector is essential. Non-Profit and Public Sector inclusive culture champions include government ministries, municipalities, townships, districts, post-secondary institutions, local health authorities and emergency service providers. As a Non-Profit or Public Sector employer, you have introduced innovative ways of employing people with disabilities, and demonstrate equity, accessibility, and inclusion in your own workplace every day.

Eligibility: Nominees must be registered as a non-profit organization or be in the public sector in BC.


This business has a clear sense of its social mission and tries to create a lasting and positive impact (social, cultural, economic, or environmental) through the sale of its goods and/or services. Social Enterprise champions know representation matters, and demonstrate that through an inclusive workforce, that taps into the strengths of people with diverse abilities.  

Eligibility: Nominees must operate in Canada, and have an embedded mission to achieve social, cultural or environmental aims through the sale of goods and services

Presented by the Presidents Group: RISING STAR AWARD – The winner will be selected by the Presidents Group from members of their Community of Accessible Employers.  The Rising Star Award will recognize an organization in the community that demonstrates an emerging practice of accessibility and inclusion in the workplace. This award winner is selected by the Presidents Group and not part of this nomination process.

To become part of the Presidents Group’s Community of Accessible Employers, visit: http://accessibleemployers.ca/join/



Join us in recognizing the outstanding efforts of businesses and individuals who are driving positive change. Nominate deserving candidates for the Untapped Awards and become part of a movement that shapes a more inclusive and equitable future for all. We also welcome all self-nominations.

The submission period for the Untapped Workplace Inclusion Awards nomination form has officially ended. We’re excited to announce that nominations will reopen in the summer of 2024!

We respectfully acknowledge the work of Open Door Group & Untapped Awards takes place across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario — the homelands of over 500 distinct Indigenous nations and cultures. We extend thanks, honour, and respect to our hosts for stewarding these lands since time immemorial.